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High Vacuum Furnace

up to 2500ºC

main features

• Maximum operating temperature: 2.500 ºC
• Secondary Vacuum up to 10-6 mbar
• Atmospheres: Vacuum, Inert or Reducing

It’s a cold wall furnace, with cylindrical water cooled vessel and windows for visualisation.
The hot zone (heating elements and shielding assembly) are produce in refractory metals (Tungsten and Molybdenum).
The introduction of the sample in the hot zone can be done by the top or by the bottom through a manually or motorized lifting device.
The vacuum is achieved by a rotary pump and a diffusion or turbo molecular pump.

The equipment includes the following components:
• Furnace
• Lifting System (manual or electrically operated)
• Control Unit
• Gas Control Accessories
• Vacuum system

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